Missed settings fields in adobe plugin

2 months 4 weeks ago #33 by Kraszer
Just my comments on your Daniel2 codec

It would be really cool if you add automatic match source option in rendering settings. It would help me creating intermidiet footage for my edit.
With DNxHR I can select all footage, choose SQ quality(quickTime verision) and media encoder will render every file with corect resolution and frame rate
(I shoot 1080p 50fps and 4K 25fps).

I found that you codec add a little green, yellow tint to transcoded footage. Can I somehow prevent it?
I also found that you codec sharpens the footage. I can decide yet if it is good or not but other codecs don't do that.

I am not yet convinced to switch to daniel2 from DNxHR but you project looks promising. I really like your h.264 faster render settings. Great work there.

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