Turbocut - the new name for the Daniel2 Adobe CC plugin

4 years 1 month ago #55 by jan
As you will have noticed we changed the name change to TURBOCUT as in our eyes this makes sense as the main goal of the plugin and the Daniel2 video codec technology is faster editing and production with better video quality. It is also a whole lot easier to remember than "Daniel2 Plugin for Adobe CC".

NVIDIA hardware accelerated editing, using the NVIDIA GPU for decoding H.264 and HEVC. Enter TURBOCUT is another justification for the rebranding. We had hardware accelerated export for years, but now H.264 and HEVC import and therefore editing is massively accelerated.

This may not be that important for an owner of a dual 28-core Xeon processor workstation, but for those editing on a laptop or small PC that are lucky enough to have a recent NVIDIA card installed, TURBOCUT will make a dramatic difference in editing performance.

The other main feature of TURBOCUT remains bringing the Daniel2 video codec to Adobe CC. When editing in the Daniel2 video format which is the equivalent to Apple’s ProRes or AVID’s DNxHR, editing even in resolutions as high as 8K or higher is easily possible even on relatively small machines (e.g. quad core processor) or laptops.

Another great feature in the TURBOCUT plugin is the ability to use the Daniel2 video codec as preview file format, which provides another significant performance boost over all other codecs. No matter what source format you are editing in this will improve editing performance.

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