The plugin continues to hang without any error messages

6 years 4 weeks ago #35 by Paul
Some details about configuration and software version:
The plugin i used is -
Premiere Pro CC 2018 v 12
Adobe Media Encoder CC 2018 V 12.11 (Build12)
CPU i7 8700k
GPU GTX 1070
RAM 32Gb -3400Mhz
Source files from Lumix GH5 1080p 50fps H264 8 bit
The export settings are:
1080p High profile 4.2 25 fps at 15 Mbp/s
It usually happens when long enough timelines are exported - about 2-3 hours
The timeline consists of files from the same camera and Adustment Layer with color correction is used.
At some point, the video encoding process simply stops without any error messages.
It is interesting that the same file can be exported with the same settings if you simply transfer it to another timeline.
This problem exists with me and four other colleagues, whom I advised to use the plug-in.
Please advise me how to catch this problem, maybe the plugin writes a log somewhere ?

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