Create Animated Logo to be supported by Cinegy AIR

2 years 2 days ago #60 by andy.btl
I looking for a simple way to create a Animated Logo (with transparent background) to be used with Cinegy AIR/ Cinegy Titler.

I tried to install the Daniel2 plug-in in my Adobe PC with Adobe After Effect 2019 and Adobe Meida Encoder 2019. My project at After Effect already have animated logo by PNG Sequence.

At first, I cannot get the CINEGY DANIEL Codec from the FORMAT LIST follow and thus I cannot export directly from Adobe After Effect.

After that, I look in this forum and saw that Adobe Media Encoder is needed for the job. So I tried to export the render task from Adobe After Effect to Adobe Media Encoder, however in there I have difficulty to export DANIEL2 MXF with ALPHA CHANNEL. It always export out without ALPHA even I tried RGBA.

Anyone can share his expertise to share me the export setting in Adobe Media Encoder that can help to generate a animated logo with alpha? A capture of the export setting indeed more helpful...



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2 years 1 day ago #61 by andy.btl
I did some improvement. Now I can export DANIEL2 MXF with ALPHA CHANNEL. However, my 15 SECONDS SEQUENCE was hang on something like 4 SECONDS, even mediainfo also show the clip clip is 15 SECONDS. The same project in Adobe Media Encoder is render with FULL 15 SECONDS length without problem.

So, still setting issue? or... BUGS?

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2 years 18 hours ago #62 by Oleg
Hello andy.btl,

as you've already figured out, The main container for the first version of Daniel was AVI as it's described in our documentation, but for Daniel2 we are now using MXF. As of your second question, it's not totally clear which product hangs and at which stage. As MediaInfo shows you the correct duration, I assume you export was successful, am I right? This file that you've got now should be playable by After Effects, Premiere or MedieEncoder itself inside a preview player, is that the case? BTW, which bit depth are you using for your exports? If it's Cinegy Air or Cinegy Titler that hang on this clip, it's might be worth contacting our customer support team and provide this problematic sample, so we could reproduce this behavior on our side.

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2 years 5 hours ago #63 by andy.btl

The rendered MXF get the same problem when import to Adobe After Effect too. I email to Cinegy Help Desk and they can replicate the same issue in their side.

Waiting for their feedback.

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